reach your goals in 1-3 years less than working on your own

with one to one coaching, online classes or business resources.

Makeup Artist + business Coach, Diane Aiello


Hey Lovely, nice to meet you!

Do you have talent and passion - but you’re overwhelmed? Investing in your makeup kit, learning from social media, and doing portfolio shoots but not getting paid jobs?

If you're struggling, going broke and want to transition from the salon, makeup counter or part time side hustle into a full time career in fashion, editorial, runway or commercial gigs- I can get you unstuck.

I’m Diane, a Pro Makeup Artist and Business Coach with 25+ years of experience. I can help you reach your goals and have the life and career you dream of in 1-3 years less time than working on your own!

Let's get crystal clear on your goals

Create a plan

Teach you the business strategies you need

Sharpen your artistry skills

And help you become an in demand artist with a successful full time career




A 1/2 day intensive for working artists who aren’t landing the gigs they want. I’ll audit your portfolio, website and marketing strategies for inconsistencies. We’ll define a clear message about your brand, style and skills to boost your business and help you get more bookings.


In this one-on-one 12 week program we’ll work together weekly to transform your career in beauty, editorial, red carpet and runway. We’ll cover  test shoots, portfolio building,  marketing, on-set  etiquette, business strategies, sharpening artistry skills and mindset tools for overcoming obstacles.



This online video course helps artists to transition from the makeup counter, salon, or part time side hustle, into a full time makeup career in beauty, fashion, runway and red carpet. You’ll receive essential lessons to accelerate your success and achieve your goals in 1-3 years less time than working alone.