IF you've dreamed of having a makeup career working in beauty, fashion, editorial, runway or red carpet - this is the course for you!

This 8 session online E-course teaches newer artists the artistry, business and industry essentials needed to quickly transition from the makeup counter, salon, part time work or a serious makeup hobby, into a full time makeup career.   

Diane has edited key lessons from her one-on-one coaching programs giving you the tools to take your career to the next level.  Students who have completed these programs have saved time, money, frustration and reached their goals in **less than half the time of working their own plan.                   

 **Based on average student success

You'll learn:

  • How to create a focused goal map or GPS for success
  • Kit Focus/Tools of the Trade - Makeup kits, Brushes, Tools, Set bags
  • How to create a working portfolio, PLUS tips for successful test shoots
  • On set ethics-  knowing your job, and assisting protocols to gain repeat business
  • The differences between social media/influencer style makeup and working pro's
  • Refining of your makeup skills for beauty, editorial, runway, celebrity,
  • How to define your brand, marketing and website to attract clients
  • Plus - Bonus session - business forms, using social media with integrity, creating a work/life balance to avoid overwhelm

You'll receive:

  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Checklists
  • Game changing homework for each class module.
  • Special empowering assignments to help you move past personal roadblocks and obstacles that stand in the way of your success.
  • Students are given access to Diane's direct email
  • Access to a private Facebook group 
  • Monthly live online forums to connect and a q&a with Diane and other artists

This course is for:

Artists who have mastered basic or intermediate makeup training or skills

Artists who have learned from social media influencers and want to become a pro

Artists who have been working in a salon or makeup counter and want to go freelance

Artists who want to turn their part time job/side hustle or hobby into a career

Artists who struggle, waste time/money or hit roadblocks and are ready to get serious

Artists who want a lasting, successful career working as a pro artist


This course is NOT for:

Artists with no makeup experience - you must have mastered basic makeup skills

Artists whose focus is on TV or film only - we cover beauty, fashion, runway, red carpet

Artists who aren't as passionate about being a professional as they are about artistry

Artists who don't want to work hard to achieve their dreams

Artists who are looking for a live classroom environment


 For newer artists who want intensive one-on-one personal coaching to skyrocket their career please click here for Transform

For Established freelance artists who have hit a plateau and need help getting unstuck, please click here for Revamp



The information and lessons in this course have helped hundreds of artists to achieve their dream careers and reach their goals. Artists have quickly gone on to have full time careers working at LA and NYC fashion weeks, on regional, national and international editorials, celebrity clients, beauty campaigns, commercials and much more.

If you are ready to get over obstacles, learn and grow as an artist and take your career up a notch - join me in this journey!