12 sessions: sharpen your skills,

learn industry secrets and build your dream business

It’s time for a change!

Yes you can laser focus your success in just 12 sessions. You'll sharpen essential artistry skills, find out the business and industry knowledge that pro’s know to breakthrough barriers and rapidly transform your career to the next level.

" I personally walk you through my recipe for success. We break down the necessities, tools and strategies step by step to help achieve your goals in **less than half of the time than you would on your own!" 

Maybe you’ve been hustling without much success and you’re tired. You just want a hand to get going in the right direction. That’s where I come in. I’ll show you how to avoid costly mistakes, unnecessary frustrations and share how to create a portfolio that gets you work, plus the on-set etiquette that makes clients book again so you can start accomplishing your goals and dreams.


We dive into these areas:

  • Defining your career focus

  • Goal Mapping

  • Do's and don'ts of a good portfolio

  • Creating a portfolio that gets you work

  • Testing successfully to build your book

  • Kit Focus - Tools of the Trade

  • On Set Etiquette

  • Refining Artistry Skills in Beauty, Fashion, Runway, Red Carpet and more

  • Building Client Relationships

  • Creating a website that works for not against you

  • Using social media for business

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Assisting

  • Ethics and Integrity

  • Negotiating and Setting Rates

  • Overcoming bad habits and barriers to success

  • Creating strategies for long-term success

Twelve 2-2.5 hour sessions

plus a bonus follow up session 4 weeks after  




**This program has proven to achieve personal and career transformation 1 to 3 years faster than working on your own.**

**Based on average student success




Is this program for you?

Have you mastered basic or intermediate makeup but aren’t getting enough paid work?

Do you want a clear plan that will help you build a successful makeup career?

Do you need help learning how to shift from retail, salon or bridal work to editorial, fashion, runway or celebrity work?

Do you want to turn your part time job or side hustle into a full-time makeup career?

Do you want to minimize obstacles or roadblocks that cause you to waste time and money?

Do you have the passion and dedication to work towards your dreams right now?

If you answered YES to two or more of the above questions -

THIS program was created especially for YOU!