You know by now being a makeup artist is a journey.  Your career will ebb and flow.  It doesn't matter if you have been in the game for twenty years or two years...  The amazing artist Joanna Schlipp once said to me..."The hustle never ends" and she wasn't kidding.

As a veteran makeup artist, I do have it easier in some ways than someone who is just starting out-  Maybe...  But if I have an easier time now it's been earned through years of hard work, sweat and adversity.

Starting out in the makeup biz my coaching students often tell me that- if they are good then jobs are going to come naturally. But then if/when  it doesn't  happen adversity sets in and creates a feeling of defeat or depression ... But here's the challenge that I've learned all too well when you are cloaked  in defeat, you can't be in a position to receive. 



Believe me I have been there.  In fact the last few years have held some of the biggest hardships of my career and personal life... Within a two week time period  my 20 year old cat, the cat that was my baby when I didn't have babies passed away and days later, I was helping a client with all aspects of producing a high end project I found them  find a photographer, gave input on models and agencies, procured and pulled wardrobe, then while in LA  everything was stolen - (makeup/ hair and / wardrobe kits) at the end of the first day of the job. It was a smash and grab.... Poof things changed in an instant. I still had day two to complete - and thank God I was able to ask the model to bring her own makeup!

The shots were beautiful and the clients were happy! Then upon returning home that night, while pulling together kit items for my job the next day and packing for NYFW I was cancelled from not one, not two, not three but 5 shows where I was to work alongside one of my favorite makeup artists for NYFW.    During that week I was hired to assist on a Vogue shoot - then released as they ended up  not needing an assistant, and watched while some of my fellow artists got booked on some of the shows that I had been cancelled from - since they worked with the brand that was sponsoring.

So why on earth am I telling you this? Because adversity is always there.  s#%t happens... And if you truly want something you can't let it defeat you.  Sure you can yell, and cry and get mad, but don't give in. Don't throw in the towel and don't let the dark cloud get bigger!

Since then the number of trying things I have faced would be more than I could count in one little blog post but through the personal losses I have been fortunate enough to have an amazing supportive husband and positive friends who have cheered me on..  They believed in me when I didn't and that is as good as gold.

So, I wasn't meant to work for Vogue... That time... I wasn't meant to work with one of my idols in the industry for five shows... That time.    But guess what?  I kept at it and eventually I worked with another makeup idol of mine and through those opportunities I even worked with some of the most beautiful amazing supermodels I could have hoped for.

As for my kit, maybe it was time to let go of attachments - even if those one of a kind brushes and limited edition palettes were like my best friends.... Maybe they were a crutch  that I relied on and it was time to shake things up.... Maybe all of these things were lessons to refine me as a person, to refine my skills and help me get to where I am really supposed to be.

The real lesson - it's not what happens to you but how you handle it.  I may have not handled it with greatness at every turn... I had sadness, anger, stress and tears... But I am committed to standing fast and being open to the possibilities ...Every adversity shapes us now for a future that we don't even know about yet.  And it's not even my job to know... On a spiritual level my job is to trust and be faithful and obedient to my purpose and my goals and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Today wherever you are, whatever is challenging you...Dig deep and look for your purpose... Find that sweet place where you feel inspired, motivated and passionate... Seek out faith, believe in yourself, believe in someone bigger.  And trust the process.   

Know that what is meant for others may not be meant for you... Keep walking on your path...  I believe in you and you should too... Keep going, keep going, keep going!