Just the faq's


Q:  What is the different between Transform and Accelerate they sound similar?

A:  Transform is a 12 week one on one course where you will work directly with Diane via Skype or phone. Lessons and homework are customized to give you targeted help in achieving your goals.  

Accelerate is an 8 session E course using the same core teachings as Transform but rather than working with Diane directly, you receive video taped lessons and work independently on assignments and homework.


Q: How often do sessions take place with Transform?

A: During Transform you will meet with Diane via Skype or phone one time each week for 12 weeks. Each session is approximately 2.5 hours which allows for a focused and concentrated learning opportunity.


Q:  How do I know which course is right for me?

A: We know from the results other students have achieved that all courses will help you in your career, but if you are considering a one-on-one coaching course, please fill out the application here.  Diane will evaluate your experience and goals to help determine the most beneficial program for you.  Since Diane only takes on a limited number of students per season not all students who apply will be accepted.   


Q: How is this different from makeup school?

A:  Generally makeup schools focus on teaching basic or advanced makeup techniques and related skills.  My Beauty Muse + Makeup Masterclass programs focus on sharpening those existing skills while teaching core techniques for beauty, fashion, editorial, runway and red carpet jobs as well as the knowledge needed to build your portfolio, and get hired on photo shoot, commercial and runway jobs. We also target the mindset obstacles ( bad habits, fears, insecurity etc) that create barriers to success or keep you stuck in a rut.


Q What if I am unhappy with a course?

A These courses have been tested and proven to work with My Beauty Muse + Makeup Artist Masterclass students.  When the information is implemented it will create changes in your career and help you to reach your goals.  Since you will receive all the best information up front with these courses, we are unable to provide refunds.


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