The industry has changed. It's more competitive than ever.  To learn and get work many newer artists are turning to social media and often become stuck thinking that "free" collaborations, low rates or undercutting fees is normal.  

The truth is you can watch you tube video’s, read blogs, take seminars and classes and have a big social media following but still not be trained properly or fully equipped to succeed. 

Like you, I was full of passion, intoxicated by the idea of working on set for photo shoots, with celebrities or backstage on runway shows. I had talent and worked hard but even with all the information out there, I still struggled to get the jobs and pay I wanted and felt I deserved.

Maybe that's what you are feeling too?

But, what if you had a coach that will work with you not just on business and artistry but also the mindset and systems to overcome obstacles, fears, insecurity, lack of time, money or improper training?

As your coach and mentor, I'll cut through the fluff, share my expertise and help you get clear on your purpose, then we’ll create a goal-crushing plan to keep you on track to having a successful business and achieving your dreams! .

My Makeup Artists Masterclass programs have helped artists achieve their goals in less time with less frustration, and more success than working on their own.. Some things we cover:

  • Mapping a plan to achieve clear goals


  • Creating a portfolio that attracts your target clients

  • Important habits and techniques that you need to get repeat bookings

  • valuable business strategies to help boost you to the next level of your career

  • Techniques to achieve better test shoot results

  • Refining and mastering your beauty, editorial, fashion, or red carpet makeup skills

  • Industry and on-set knowledge to enhance your business and professionalism

  • Essentials for a professional presentation and makeup kit

  • Creating a brand that reflects you and your work