Half day business intensive to help you get more bookings.

Sometimes even working artists hit a plateau. Whether you are newer or experienced in the industry, at times anyone can get stuck in a rut, frustrated or overwhelmed.  That's when it's time to up your game.

 Think of this program as your career and business "refresh" button

To attract the right clients, it's crucial that your business practices, marketing, portfolio presentation, web site and even your kit are all working together harmoniously to project a clear message about who you are and what your business is about.    

In this one-on-one 4 hour intensive session (based upon the results of your approved pre-qualifying application), Diane will work with you via phone or Skype to review 3-4 of the following areas:

  • Portfolio Assessment
  • Website Analysis
  • Business Systems
  • Booking Practices
  • Makeup Kit Audit

A 30 minute follow up call is included within 21 days of completing your phone/Skype session to troubleshoot and review progress.