I left my college criminal justice studies and went to beauty school. I worked at the makeup counter and in salons, then pursued my dream and created a super successful career as a freelance makeup artist. Since 2001 I’ve been helping other artists and creatives to reach their goals and build their own dream careers.

i found my calling…

In the first grade I sneaked into my Mom’s “Avon Lady” stash of makeup each morning to paint my face before school. I was hooked!  In Jr High I spent all of my babysitting money on makeup or books about makeup and photography and most of the time my head was buried in fashion magazines.

 In college I was so scared to tell my traditional Italian parents that I quit my Criminal Justice studies to go to beauty school. They totally shocked me by happily supporting me 200 percent.  I worked my way from the makeup counter, to the salon and into a full time freelance career. My parents cheered me on every single day.

I've clocked more than 7,500 days on set, and worked on over 400 runway shows.

 I’m so obsessed with beauty and fashion that I’ve owned a skin care spa/ beauty boutique, spent 20 years as a Fashion and Beauty Editor for luxury publications and helped create over 190 fashion editorials and covers. Plus, since 2007 I've had an award winning, rock star on-location beauty team.

 At first, I made a ton of mistakes, no seriously friend, I was good at makeup but sucked at the business side and I didn’t fully understand the industry or what clients expected from me like, how to act on set, what my portfolio needed and how to sharpen my artistry skills. But I learned everything I could and slowly went from struggling to successful. It was rough, but that’s when I vowed to one day help other artists so they could achieve their dreams too.

 Now my resume’ includes ad campaigns, national editorials, celebrities and runway shows such as  Elle, Glamour, Allure and  Vanity Fair magazines, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and many more.

Artists I’ve coached have quickly gone from the makeup counter, salon or part time makeup work to booking backstage shows at NYFW, LA Style Fashion Week, national editorial bookings, videos, commercial and catalog work. With my coaching most students accomplish goals in less than half the time it would take working on their own.

I’m so passionate about helping you - I see those trendy cool workshops and classes that teach mostly makeup and skip over the proven methods and techniques that don’t just make you successful- they keep you successful. I’ve had the honor of helping so many people stare down their fears, gain confidence and get equipped to create their dream career and I would love to help you too!


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