the refresh button FOR your biz.



It doesn't matter how long you've been in the industry; stuff happens. It can be completely frustrating, even depressing - like losing a great client that you’ve had forever, or missing out on a dream booking because other artists undercut rates. And sometimes, you just aren’t landing the clients you’re pursuing but you can’t figure out why.

That's the perfect time to hit the "refresh" button,

To stay on top of your game your portfolio work, brand, website, marketing messages and business practices should all harmoniously project a clear picture of who you are and what your business is about.  

When clients are confused they aren’t going to book you!

In 4 focused hours Diane will help you tackle the inconsistencies that keep you from maintaining a consistent flow of clients and steady bookings.

Here’s what’s included:

Based on the results of your questionnaire, Diane will review your website, portfolio and social media platforms to create a suggested plan of action.

4 hr intensive session by phone or Skype

A written summary of the session plus a step by step action plan

30 minutes follow up call within 30 days to troubleshoot areas of concern.

Some of the areas we can work on:

  • Portfolio Assessment

  • Website Analysis

  • Business Systems

  • Booking Practices

  • Makeup Kit Audit

  • Marketing or Branding

  • Networking or Collaborating

  • Business Clarity and Confidence

  • Overcoming Barriers or Obstacle Success